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Give us five minutes of your time and well have you playing killer guitar.

See we wanted to create a system that would allow any normal person with guitar playing ambition to be able to really play anything they want.

Yes, we have worked out an incredible way to provide POWER lessons with the best players on the planet. How did we do this? Just read on and Ill tell you...

Our vision was to enable you the player, to learn how to play quickly, using a system that was as painless as possible.

REMEMBER! You must learn guitar and learning it with this site is downright BABY EASY.

Welcome to Guitar!

My name is Andy Johnson. I am a guitar player and teacher and have been for 20 years.

After touring with my band, I made it my personal goal, to create the world's most powerful guitar teaching system.

My new ambition was to create the first online guitar learning system that would incorporate step-by-step lessons and intense workshops, taught by ONLY the best guitar teachers and rockstars on the planet.

All lessons consisting of a wide array of the most talented guitar teachers available.

So I took my traditional lesson plan and began guitar superstars online. Knowing all of the guitarists in NYC, After many months of production, and lesson creation and collaboration with many different guitar teachers and players, everyone's talking about it.

Most guitar learning systems that you find online look great on the outside but once you sign up, you find out that it's not as easy as it looked when visiting the site. Playing the guitar is certainly not easy. Why do you think thousands of people go to college for 4-6 years to learn guitar? Because there is a lot to it!

You might think: "I'm competing with that?" Well you came to the right place if you want to bypass the traditional "slow paced" way to learn guitar.

See, since the internet came out, everything changed. Now with modern technology, it has given us the opportunity for "next level" guitar programs, that will show YOU how to play incredible guitar, the way you want to learn and the way you want to play.

What if there was a system that provides this type of technology with the world's best teachers?

Become a Guitarist and Master the Most Complicated Solos and Leads.

When creating my lesson plan years ago my challenge was always to help the students achieve more and more abilities as time went on.

The more abilities that you learn in sequence the better guitar player you will become.

You need to develop incredible memory skills, technique, if and physical ability with your left and right hands.

Your fingers need to be able to move as fast as you're right hand picks. A professional guitarist is an expert in every aspect.

Guitar superstars provides a cutting edge guitar learning system that forcefully makes you an expert in every aspect of guitar.

This system will allow you to excel with picking technique, rudiments, scales, and you will find that you have an incredible memory records. 

Play EXISTING riffs and patterns with speed and accuracy
CREATE patterns and riffs anytime of the day or night.
Develop incredible memory: play any song on the radio.
Start playing as a beginner and become an advanced player: you do not need any previous experience with a guitar to become a professional guitarist with guitar superstars.
Advance your career as already professional guitarist and break through the barriers that have kept you from playing that incredible lead are solo that you have always wanted to play.
Play with that star guitarist that you always admired.
Develop incredible versatility: play Spanish guitar, then throw it down, pick up an Ibanez saber and blaze through incredible metal leads.
Play blues, classical, folk, acoustic, finger style, and other acoustic styles: not just rock!
Play metal, progressive, 80s rock, death metal, European Black metal, hard rock, and classic rock 'n roll!
Play hundreds of popular songs that you hear on MTV!
Learn how to write songs with ease. Create rhythm rests, create leads, put them together to create award-winning compositions!
Make Money with your guitar playing! Learn how to sell your recordings online, teach guitar online, play performances and get paid for all of it!
Learn how to book shows and build a following. Get signed to a major record label and tour the world!
Record albums: Recruit a great drummer to record an album with. Learn where to find them and connect with other musicians just like you.

During our existence online we have become the authority on guitar lessons.

Just do a search and look at what everyone has to say about us. It's no secret that Guitarsuperstars is the guitarist's choice in either advancing their stellar performance career or that beginner who would like to learn how to take their guitar playing to the next level.

Learn Rock Guitar with one of the greats.
Ben Phillips: The world-renowned guitarist who has performed on hundreds of albums for over two decades. Ben was educated in Guitar from New York City, then started to perform and teach all over the world.
Top secret styles and top secret tricks.

Want to learn all of the tricks and licks that no one dares to reveal? Since his Berklee days, Paul has played throughout North America and Europe with countless artists spanning a variety of genres.
Learn Hard Rock and Metal Guitar.

Gene is a regular guitaraholic. Being the guitarist of MY MORTALITY and LOURDS, he tours all over the world, and has played on several international releases.
Learn acoustic & classical guitar.
Chris Nicholson's innovative guitar performance has received rave reviews all over the world. He is the ultimate acoustic and classical guitar teacher.
Dave Is the Blues King.
With Dave you'll learn how to play with the soul you hear in old recordings, and get intense with a brand spanking new blues approach on electric guitar.
Learn Bass Guitar with a master...

Lorenzo Wolff is a master at Bass Guitar. He tours the US with the TJ Moss band, Frankie D and other world famous bands.

Hundreds of lessons taught by the most talented and versatile team of guitar teachers available anywhere online.
Lessons are easily accessed in step-by-step format.
Award-winning Jam machine technology: create Jams to enhance your collaborative ability play along with tracks that you create.
Prerecorded JAM tracks: download tracks to play your guitar with and learn how to play with other people easily. These jam tracks are for every style imaginable for any method of playing. All jam tracks are compatible with every lesson featured in guitar superstars.
All lessons on video or easily accessed with the guitar superstar's control panel and members area.
Yes, we do update the members area constantly with new videos.
Learn how to read music with guitar superstars.
Super compatible with either a PC or Mac.


A long, drawnout, painful curriculum that will take months to implement.
A system which you will begin but will never finish.

A collection of outdated and boring exercises.

A bunch of videos just thrown together with no idea of what it will do for you.

Incorrect teachings that will damage your ability to play.

Bland lessons taught by players who are not very well taught


Most other other guitar systems online will! In fact, most other guitar systems online are 100 times more primitive than a guitar method on a VHS tape in the 1980's! Why? Because they can hide their bad material behind their nicely designed website and teach murky lessons that dont make any sense.

YOU DO NOT want to get stuck with a system that will either damage your playing, bore you to death or make your family, friends and neighbors hate you for sounding terrible.

You want a guitar learning system that will transform you into one of the best guitarists in the world right? And do it for you without all of the hype and the classic bait and switch correct? Forget all that!

You have nothing to lose!

In fact, your initial investment of time will be made up for with your new ability to make money with the guitar playing better than anyone who you have met before.

We are that confident about our system. Everyone who has heard of our system including our critics, is that confident about guitar superstars.

And that's not it...

Now what will this cost?

That's a good question. Originally our course was manufactured on DVD and VHS tape. Including all of the guitarists, lessons, and resources, it took 10 VHS tapes or four DVDs for just the introductory lesson! I am happy to announce that now for the first time guitar superstars is available for instant download right here at

Now the membership online is a dream come true because it wont cost anywhere near the price of the DVDs!

See we dont need to manufacture 40 DVD's, package them, and then advertise on print to reach our audience. The internet is an incredible outlet for the guitar supertstars system. We were able to reach you easily, and therefore we dont need to advertise the way we did, and manufacture the entire course. But we do need to compete and we do need to pay our digital retailer.

I'm willing to make you an incredible deal. Are you ready?

Join Right Now For Just...


Get Instant Access Right Now For Only $47.00.

That's right, isn't the internet incredible? We can take a $997 guitar course and virtually scalp the price point! Yes folks, this is a massive discount. When we finalized the price heads began to roll. We don't plan to offer our course for only $47.00 forever. This is why I stress to you, sign up while this gargantuan course is available at this ridiculous blunder of a price. NOW!

To order the system, just simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below, and then enter your zip code. After that, you will be prompted to enter your billing information on a secure and safe webpage.

Only right now, $47.00!

Get it all for one time payment of just $47.00!

ACT FAST: Order Right Now For Just $47.00.


Start mastering the guitar today,

Andy Johnson

P.S: Remember, it works with a PC or Mac. The system comes with hundreds of videos that you can play with any system and any browser. So get started by ordering securely here!

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